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About Our Doormat Suppliers

Geo Crafts Door Mats

Doormat Paradise Geo-Craft doormats are hand woven on looms using the finest fibers to create strong and durable products that can withstand all weather elements and years of foot traffic. The coir mats are made form 100% natural coir (coconut fiber) which is a durable natural material that will give you years of use. Many of our door mats are hand printed with fade-resistant Eco-friendly dyes.

If you order one of our PVC backed doormats, you will find that they are machine tufted; while others are hand tufted using natural and recycled rubber. The Doormat Paradise rubber mats are perfect for snow and wet weather because of the open design which allows water, snow, and dirt to pass through leaving doorways safe and clean. Both the rubber doormats and rubber backed doormats are slip-resistant.

Imports Decor

Import Decor doormats are very stylish and well-designed interior and exterior high quality doormats. The products are manufactured in India, ensuring the highest quality and lowest price.

Imports Decor is a woman-owned small business that has been ensuring high quality products with excellent customer satisfaction for the last eight years.