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About Us Doormat Paradise

Terri and Dwayne Horse Back Riding

Doormat Paradise is a small business Ecommerce site owned by Dwayne and Terri. We have been in the business of selling products online for four years. We started selling on eBay and after two years we opened The Timeless Treasure to sell braided rugs and outdoor mats.

After another two years went by, we decided to assess what was selling the best for us on our eBay site and The Timeless Treasure. We found out doormats were are best sellers. So, we decided to open up a new Ecommerce sited called Doormat Paradise.

Our new online store will carry only doormats made from a variety of materials. Coir fiber, synthetic, and recycled rubber are the materials of choice for Doormat Paradise. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality made mats a person can buy and to offer the product at an excellent price.

A quality made mat is a must with a doormat purchase. Some time back my wife decided to buy a doormat from a Big Box Store at a cheap price. Within five weeks of owning the doormat it began to rip down the center and fade. So much for buying a cheap doormat. That is why we want to make sure our customers get the best quality made doormat they can buy.


Brief Background


I worked 17 years in the coal mines and at age 38 I went to college to get a BA degree in Sociology. After that I attended Seminary for Master Degree in Divinity. I served as a United Methodist Pastor for 24 years before retiring in 2016. However, I haven’t retired from working. Doormat Paradise is my new place of employment as the owner of the store along with my wife Terri.

We hope you find the doormat you need at Doormat Paradise. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best customer care, an excellent product, and a great price.

THANK YOU for stopping by Doormat Paradise.

Dwayne and Terri