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Doormat Information

Coir Fiber Doormats

Coir mats are made from the husk of coconuts. The husk go through a retting process that partially decomposes the husk and then it is separated into coir fibers and made into a strong material. The general thickness of our coir mats run from half inch to one inch think making a coir mat an excellent doormat for heavy foot traffic..

The natural coir fiber is abrasive and removes dirt, snow, and slush as shoes are wiped before your guest enter the home. Choose an all coir mat or one with a backing of vinyl, PVC, or rubber. They will provide that extra non-skid protection for your guest as they arrive at your home.

The vibrant colors, the rich earth tones, and soft hues shout with seasonal doormat excitement. All of our mats are created with a water base paint or fade resistant dye. Our coir mats absorb water and are fade, mildew, and mold resistant.

Most of our doormats are made with coir fiber. Please read the feature section of each product before you purchase a doormat. Some of our mats have PVC, vinyl, or rubber backing providing an anti-skid doormat.  

Rubber Doormats

Our rubber mats are made from recycled tires and other rubber products. They are an excellent asset for the entryway of the home. They are extremely durable and long lasting. This Eco-friendly material will last for a long period of time, even when exposed to the harsh seasonal elements, moisture, and UV rays. The surface texture scrapes mud and dirt off of shoes as they are wiped across the mat. In cleaning a rubber mat, all you have to do is hose them off. Rubber mats are mildew and mold resistant.

At Doormat Paradise you can choose a plain mat or one of our decorative themes with cats, owls, ladybugs, pineapples, or daisies. Various sizes and shapes in rectangle or semi-circle.